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Friday, October 22, 2010

Today's Sun Sentinel has an article about an attack by democratic congresswomen Wasserman Schultz attacking Col Allen West as being dangerous to women supporting their sexual abuse. The protest is being organized in a desperate attempt to save the campaign of Ron Klein who is running behind Col West in the polls.

She had no problem with Bill Clinton's sexual abuse of an intern, no problem of his rape of a latina employee, no problem with Senator Kennedy killing a woman he had an affair with, no problem with Senator Edwards affair with employee's but Allen West she has a problem with.

Clearly she cares nothing for the issue and is just trying to make a political point. And she endangers women with this type of false charges because by crying wolf she risks the public becoming so cynical that they ignore real abuse of women.

Oh wait these were white men so its OK for them to abuse women. But an African American like Col West is a danger. Shame on the Ron Klein campaign for pushing this racist attack on an American hero, Rather than focusing on the issues Ron Klein has chosen to use stereotypical attacks on his opponent as a dangerous black man who is a sexual predator.

These racist stereotypes of African Americans were supposed to end with the success of the civil rights movement. Shame on Ron Klein and Wasserman Schultz for using the race card in this election. As a Jew I am ashamed of all the attacks I here from Klein's activists attacking the "shvartze"

Hopefully the public will ignore these racist attacks. Its nothing short of disgusting that politicians are resorting to them this election.

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