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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inside the Minds of Freedom Haters

By, Deborah Weiss
Published April 14, 2009 by

Despite claims of tolerance and moral superiority, the left seems to consistently support tyrannical regimes and oppressive ideologies. Whether the communist Soviet Union, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, or radical Islam, far-left "progressives" line up on the wrong side of history. How is it possible that those who purport to fight for human rights, gay rights and women's rights scream a deafening silence in the face of monstrosities, mass murder and unthinkable abuse when perpetrated in communist or Islamist societies?

In his riveting new book, "United in Hate," Frontpage magazine's managing editor, Dr. Jamie Glazov, explains the far left's romance with tyranny and terror. This well-researched book posits a theory: Liberalism is a religion. Imbued with all the mutated imagery of Judeo-Christianity, True Believers seek a utopian ideal, a redemption from the fall of mankind that can only be brought about through sacrificial death and destruction.

Those who subscribe to this ideal politicize their personal problems. They suffer from an alienation of the self and society. Though this is a spiritual problem requiring a spiritual solution, leftist Believers attempt to fill their void by means of non-spiritual answers. Longing to go back to a time when they will be taken care of and feel they belong, Believers refuse personal responsibility for their own happiness and assume they are entitled to have their government and the world meet their needs.

Understand leftists' dedication to tyranny and tolerance of terror in Jamie Glazov's "United in Hate"

Whether it's communism or Islamic totalitarianism, submerging the self into a collective whole cures the Believer's loneliness. Of course, the price that must be paid for this symbiosis is the obliteration of the self, and deep down inside that's just what the leftist desires. The common good requires the riddance of individuality – for better or for worse.

The suffering that must occur to achieve this ideal is of no concern. Ideas are paramount over people, as the Believer is compelled to look at the "bigger picture." Even when suffering is proved with evidence, Believers refuse to acknowledge that destruction is at the core of their ideology, and indeed is likely what attracts them to begin with. Because it is too painful to admit to themselves their own destructive tendencies and the consequences of implementing their ideals, they defend against their dark desires with a psychological reaction-formation, labeling everything the opposite of what it is in actuality. Thus, they insist that their political activism will result in peace, social justice and equality, rather than in dominance of the cruelest societies.

Craven with the desire for death and destruction, where the blood of millions is sacrificed on the altar of the common good, Believers fantasize that a newer, better world can be created upon ashes. Denying that human nature is inherently flawed, they are on a quest for perfectionism that does not exist and of which man is not capable. To every freedom-hater, the end justifies the means. Lenin admitted that his goal was to murder two-thirds of mankind, but the remaining third would all be communist, and that's all that mattered. Similarly, radical Muslims are in a holy war with infidels worldwide. Their ideal is Islamist dominance and global Shariah law. Once that is achieved, peace will ensue. Purging everything unsacred is not considered a necessary evil. Rather, it is a good deed that will be rewarded by Allah. Thus, becoming a martyr and a suicide bomber is the only way to ensure one's entrance into Paradise.

Similarly, those who abide by the false faith of liberalism, have little tolerance for unbelievers. Eschewing the values of freedom and personal responsibility, they prefer to side with other freedom-haters. The result is the emergence of a staunch anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism. An unholy alliance is formed between leftist peaceniks and tyrannical regimes, as they abide by the motto "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." It is even likely that Believers secretly identify with the tyrant, living through his power vicariously in an effort to compensate for feelings of personal deficiency.

Though many Believers, including the Underground Weathermen, Code Pink and leftist political activists, pride themselves on supporting a cause greater than themselves, the cause they exalt is not freedom, but the veneration of death and oppression. Protesting the most minor infractions of gay rights, women's rights or human rights in America, Believers turn a blind eye to the most egregious and grotesque abuses committed on foreign soil. It seems hypocritical that Western writers support governments that deny free speech, that ardent feminists support governments that wreak gender apartheid and treat women like chattel, that militant gays support governments that hang homosexuals.

Dr. Glazov has an explanation for this: Leftist Believers view freedom as weapons of destruction against their own society. Freedoms and rights constitute arsenal to undermine Western culture. They are not valued in and of themselves, but rather are a means to an end. In other countries, where the government "takes care of" its people, like a parent would, abusive or not, these freedoms are unnecessary. Like the Islamist who abuses America's freedom of religion to funnel money to Hamas, or abuses American civil liberties to fight the Patriot Act, Believers have an eye toward the ultimate destruction of freedom. In the name of multi-culturalism where all cultures, religions and values are deemed morally equivalent, Believers accept and even embrace tyrannical regimes and ideologies.

Glazov's book is a must-read that gets to the root of the left's unholy alliance with radical Islam and other oppressive ideologies. He includes shocking chapters on Islamist hatred of women and of Jews, and its parallels in liberalism. His theories and analysis are fascinating, and the facts on which he forms his conclusions are extensively documented. As radical Islam is likely the biggest threat to Western freedom today, it is critical to grapple with the left's love affair with tyranny and jihadism. Jesus said that the Truth shall set you free. But leftist Believers prefer the chains of bondage.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about freedom and truth.

Deborah Weiss is an attorney and a freelance writer


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