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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama email list supporting Israels destruction and holocaust denial

This is from an email list on the Obama campaign site


Note how the article supports holocaust denial as being opposed to the "Zionist" narative of the holocaust

As of this point the moderator of the group has refused to post my rebuttal of this criticism.

Exposing the fallacy of anti-Zionism equaling anti-Semitism

When the world speaks up against such crimes when committed by Zionist Jews, the ready-made charge of "anti-Semitism" will be unleashed in the face of Israel critics.

And if the critics happen to be Jewish, the disgusting mantra of "self-hating Jews" will be invoked to silence and intimidate the Jewish critics.

There are many conscientious Jews who courageously reject the Zionist claim that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are two sides of the same coin.

The small but increasingly active group, known as Neturei Karta (guardians of the City) represents the most pronounced Jewish opposition to Zionism and Israel.

The group believes that Zionism is inherently immoral and antithetical to true Judaism.
Israel is not hated because it is Jewish.

Israel is hated because of her evil ideology and equally evil practices. A country whose birth and survival were and continue to be at the expense of another people is an evil country and has no right to exist.

A country that is dedicated to the destruction and obliteration of another people is an evil country regardless of how many admirers its has around the world.

Israel is hated because of its systematic, institutionalized oppression, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, home demolition, apartheid, racism and slow-motion genocide of non-Jews as is the case in the Gaza Strip.

Israel is hated because it oppresses people and discriminates against them in ways reminiscent of the Nazi era because the victims don't belong to the "holy tribe"!!!

In short, Israel is hated because of its evil acts, not because of its Jewish identity. Claiming that it is hated because of its religion or "race" is a canard amounting to a Big Lie.

Anti-Zionism highest moral obligation

There is no doubt that anti-Semitism, like Islamophobia and other forms of racism, must be fought relentlessly and uprooted, although this may well be an impossible task, given the human nature.

However, anti-Zionism is a different thing, since Zionism represents evil in is ugliest form. Yes, Zionism produced many scientists and made some technological advancements. But so what? Nazi Germany, too, produced many scientists and made technological advancement.

In the final analysis nations, like individuals, are primarily judged according to their moral credentials not scientific achievements, especially if these achievements are utilized to further injustice toward fellow human beings. This is why a given scientist who does and supports evil should be viewed as an evil man no matter how many prestigious awards he has won.


In recent years, a famous French author was found guilty of displaying "anti-Semitism" for writing a book on Zionist mythology with regard to Palestine.

In Austria, a British historian was dumped in jail for questioning the Israeli-Zionist narrative regarding the holocaust.

And in the United States, the country of the First Amendment, a major British Publishing House has been "ousted" because it publishes books the world-wide Jewish lobby considers "anti-Israeli."


September 21, 2008 By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine Souce:

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Friday, September 05, 2008

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