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Friday, May 11, 2007

CAIR Says Kaufman "Shaping Discourse" on U.S. Muslim Groups

Ahmed Rehab, the Executive Director of CAIR's Chicago office has given me credit for "single-handedly shaping the discourse" on American Islamic organizations, with regards to the government and the media -- albeit, while calling me an "amateur blogger from Florida." I don't know if I could take entire credit for this, but I gladly accept the award.

Rehab writes: "Indeed, the ease with which an amateur blogger from Florida armed with little more than a keyboard and a narrow political-agenda can single-handedly shape the discourse on US Muslims and their organizations, both in the halls of Congress and on the pages of mainstream newspapers, is an indication of the pitiful point Islamophobia has reached in America."

Here's the entire piece... Freedom is Not Spelled 'Feardom'

To learn more about Ahmed Rehab, including his feelings about Jews and women, check out our CAIR Watch profiles page.


Blogger Unknown said...

You go Joe!!

9:26 PM  
Blogger American Crusader said...

Another close minded CAIR representative pushing their agenda.
After the arrest of the Dix Six, I didn't notice any backlash against any Muslim communities..but then again, truth and Islam are often two different things.

9:29 AM  
Blogger EyesOnly said...

We are glad that CAIR feels the heat.

Great job, Joe. We are boxing them in.

What Mr. Rehab would like to do is to erect a shield around Islam to protect it from scrutiny. "Islamophobia" is a nice little wind-up-toy of an idea to unify the CAIR-appeasers like Congressman Joe Sestak (D-7th, PA), Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), Keith Ellison (D-5th MN), Nancy Pelosi (D-8th CA), Louis Slaughter (D-28th, NY), Tom Lantos (D-12th, CA) to further Islam-friendly legislation.

I want the above appeasement-weasels, and every press organ in the United States, to ask CAIR and Mr. Rehab the following before CAIR be granted any air- or print-space:

1. Why will CAIR not call for an end to world-wide jihad NOW?

2. Does CAIR believe that the state of Israel has the untrammeled right to exist in peace?

3. Does CAIR believe in the equality of women?

4. Does CAIR believe in everyone's right to worship or not to worship, as they please or choose, individually?

5. Does CAIR denounce HAMAS and Hezbollah as terrorist groups?

6. Does CAIR denounce anti-Semitism?

How about it, Mr. Rehab?

7:02 AM  

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