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Monday, April 02, 2007

CAIR Amends Law Suit

From this source, dated March 31, 2007:
A group of imams suing US Airways for discrimination amended their lawsuit this week to target only the "John Doe" passengers who they say are racist and falsely accused them of behaving suspiciously.

The six imams were removed from a flight in Minneapolis in November for disruptive behavior reported by passengers and members of the flight crew.


The lawsuit filed earlier this month targeted "passengers who contacted US Airways to report the alleged 'suspicious' behavior of plaintiffs performing their prayer at the airport terminal."

The amended lawsuit identifies possible John Does as individuals who "may have made false reports against plaintiffs solely with the intent to discriminate against them on the basis of their race, religion, ethnicity and national origin."

"The only individuals against whom suit may be raised in this litigation are those who may have knowingly made false reports against the imams with the intent to discriminate against them," Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said in a letter this week to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a public interest law firm. The Becket Fund had publicly condemned CAIR for supporting the case.

"The imams will not sue any passengers who reported suspicious activity in good faith, even when the 'suspicious' behavior included the imams' constitutionally protected right to practice their religion without fear or intimidation," Mr. Nihad said. "When a person makes a false report with the intent to discriminate, he or she is not acting in good faith."

The imams are being represented by New York lawyer Omar Mohammedi in the lawsuit, which has triggered an outcry among lawyers who say they will defend the "John Does" for free.

Becket Fund Chairman Kevin Hasson criticized the amended changes in a letter to CAIR on Thursday.

"There is no way Mr. Mohammedi can possibly determine whether the John Does 'knowingly made false reports' against his clients 'with the intent to discriminate against them' without taking their testimony under oath, at least during pretrial discovery," Mr. Hasson said.

"That prospect alone, of being dragged into court proceedings, will certainly provide a great disincentive for other citizens to come forward with their own suspicions," he said.

The case prompted House Republicans on Tuesday to insert a shield law for "John Does" into a rail safety bill. The legislation would protect passengers against lawsuits for reporting suspicious behavior that foreshadows a terrorist attack.

It is "unconscionable" that those who report suspicious activity could be "terrorized in our own court system in our own country," said Rep. Steve Pearce, New Mexico Republican, who introduced the measure.

"Religious liberty is not absolute," Mr. Hasson said. "It must yield before the government's legitimately compelling interests. And the prevention of terrorism aboard airlines is certainly such an interest."

The Becket Fund labeled the case "legal terrorism," which Mr. Awad said "only adds to the empty and sensationalistic rhetoric of those who seek to disparage and demonize a segment of our society."

"It was not meant as an insult," Mr. Hasson said. "I think the public outcry over the targeting of the John Does proves the point I was trying to make. That legal tactic is self-defeating."
See? Defying CAIR can have positive results! Don't be intimidated by the threat of litigation by CAIR.

List of pro bono attorneys who stand against CAIR


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has been no amendments to the lawsuit, you can find it on PACER, with the original complaint filed and unamended. The "John Doe" listed as defendant, along with the airline employees, are not being sued to reporting suspicious activity, (which everyone should do, but base it on facts) - they are being sued for violating several federal laws in lying in their reports of suspicious activity, as evidenced in the official reports from the police and FBI investigation. People who legitimately report suspicious activity using facts are protected, people who lie to make false reports are not protected, they are subject to civil and criminal penalties.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

If the law suit hasn't been amended, then a retraction of the story in the Washington Times should have been retracted. Was such a retraction issued?

If the facts in the case bear out what the passengers reported to the airline, CAIR will come off looking the fool--or worse.

IMO, some of what is termed "suspicious activity" is in the eye of the beholder. After all, suspicion is often subjective.

A few weeks ago, I happened to catch on TV an interview with a CAIR rep who was backpedaling as to the intent of the law suit. I believe that he said the law suit had been amended. Perhaps that's the source of the info in the Washington Times.

From this source:

[Jasser] believes that a Muslim voice is critical in response to the imams’ charges, which include one that they were discriminated against for praying in the airport gate area. “Americans are so worried about offending religious sensibilities,” he says. “We as Muslims must step forward and say, ‘This is not about prayer, it’s about airline security.’ ”

The context in which faith is displayed is important, according to Jasser. “I pray five times a day; for example, I pray publicly in the park with my family when we are on a picnic,” he says. “But the issue is one of prudence. After 9/11, the airport gate is the most anxiety-laden area for Americans. It is supreme naivete for these individuals to feel the way to exercise their religious freedom is embodied by their ability to pray as a group at an airport gate.”

The imams could have prayed quietly in their seats on the plane or after they arrived home, says Jasser, as several of them did. This is what “less rigid but equally devout Muslims” would have done, he adds. “Prayer is not about demonstrating your piety to the world. It’s about a personal appointment with God.”

Unfortunately, the imams’ prayers at the gate only created resentment, not the understanding and acceptance of Islam they claim to seek from others, says Jasser. “Muslims’ freedoms and rights are guaranteed in the Constitution,” he explains. “But even more important to our freedom is the tenor of our relationship with the majority of Americans.”

At home in the Phoenix area, the imams often mix prayer with politics, according to Jasser. He cites the Tempe Islamic Community Center, where Ahmed Shqeirat, one of the detained men, is imam, and where Jasser often used to attend prayers. Shortly after the Iraq war began, Jasser says, Shqeirat displayed during Friday services an inflammatory picture of an American soldier making sport of an Iraqi child. When Jassser objected, saying that he had come for spiritual nourishment, not politics, Shqeirat accused him of being “secular” and causing division, he says.

In response, Shqueirat says that he displayed the picture only to demonstrate that American soldiers need more multicultural education. Jasser’s views on separation of religion and state are extreme, Shqueirat adds.

Jasser also cites the imams’ refusal to participate in a rally called “Standing with Muslims against Terrorism,” which he organized in Phoenix in April 2004. The Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix endorsed the rally, and praised Jasser as “one of the most vigorous and articulate spokesmen in America denouncing indiscriminate violence in the name of Islam.”

But Jasser says the imams backed out after they learned that the rally would focus only on Islam’s prohibitions against the targeting of innocents, and not on potential justifications for terrorism such as American foreign policy and Israel.

Shqeirat responds that they did not attend because Jasser insisted on approving their speeches and signs in advance. Jasser, he says, is seeking attention because he aspires to political office (a claim Jasser denies), and is not authorized to speak for any Muslim community.

Further information:

Here is some information from The Becket Fund.

Neil Cavuto interviews Dr. Jasser

Article by Dr. Jasser

6:46 PM  
Blogger Lady in Lexington said...

Rev Sutter who is a liar and a fraud

The "rev" Sutter is a liar. He has claimed to have earned four Purple Hearts, one Bronze Star, and one Navy Cross.

He has also claimed to have 26 years in counter terrorism.

(26 years counter terrorism claim)

'Rev Jim's Profile' (updated Dec 23, 2006) says he is 51.

Now reads what he wrote about himself sept 1995 bit.listserv.ada-law this doesn't match this up with his claims of being in the navy for 26 years. Unless of course he was *disabled* while in the Navy.

"Most of you know I am quite ill, with cancer, Stage 4 congestive heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, incomplete SCI at T-12, spinal arthritis, uncoordinated parastalsys, and a brain tumor. I am not expected to make it to the end of this year. At first I said "Yeah, I'm too young and handsome to die", but now I'm not so sure that I'm so young anymore. :>) It is taking a very long time to bounce back from my last heart attack, in August."

This page especially funny look at what he claims to be a picture of himself

But one look in Sutter's AOL image folder we see the real picture of Sutter called "me years ago"

It's good match with the one on his yahoo profile today

BTW he paid for his ordination from The Universal Life Church but at one time he made the claim that he was a Catholic minister.
Modesto, CA is ULC headquarters and Bishop Kirby Hensley is a ULC bishop

Here is another place where he has lied about being in the Navy "I am a proud Republican, a 26 year veteran of the USN, with a military career in counterterrorism."

BTW Sutter has also claimed to have had a heart transplant.

Read this bit of drivel, I guess he has to explain his lies somehow


Most of us have some sort of religious faith, whether it be Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Islam, Buddism, Hindu, B'Hai, or Judaism. Most of us believe in some sort of supreme being, no matter what name we use. I happen to be Catholic, and call Him God. In this, the holiest season in many religions, we should take some time to reflect on what is possible with God's help, no matter how bad we feel our lives are...

One of the first things we do when we are in trouble is pray. We ask God to help us out of trouble. Too few people, when having a good day, pray to thank God for the good day. We are content with only praying when we need help. "Why doesn't God answer our prayers?" is a common question when we do pray for intercession. God does answer all prayers. But sometimes the person isn't listening for the answer, and sometimes the answer is "No". We must remember that God will always give us what we need, not what we want. We must also realize that, sometimes, God will greatly surprise everyone.

For some time I have been aware that I am dying. The prognosis was that the cancer had invaded my heart, and had weakened it beyond salvation. I was given less than a year, and told to make my final arrangements. I visited the funeral home made those arrangements. I visited my attorney to set up my Last Will and Testament and DNR=20 (Do Not Resuscitate) order. My family prepared, as best they could. My doctors, a dedicated team at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the world's finest medical institutions, searched for a way they could safely give me a heart transplant. The chances of the cancer invading the new heart were very high, and made the risk of transplant failure unacceptable.

Somewhere around the beginning of December, I knew that it was time to pray for a Christmas miracle. Figuring it couldn't hurt, I added it to my daily prayers. I asked God, if He so willed, to give my family a Christmas miracle. I wasn't even specific about what miracle I needed. I left that up to God...

Within seven days, God answered, and gave my family their Christmas miracle. On my most recent visit to my primary physician, new tests were done, and the tumors in my heart have disappeared...completely, without any surgery, without chemotherapy. Gone. Totally and completely. It astounded my doctor, who re-evaluated the tests, and confirmed it. I thought it was great, because doctors' egos need to be deflated every once in a while! Something like this make doctors feel like they really don't know everything there is to know about the human body. I recently heard a most appropriate bit of humor: "What is the difference between a doctor and God ? God doesn't think He is a doctor."

The point of this story is that, no matter what your situation, no matter what crisis you may be experiencing, ASK GOD FOR HELP. You don't have to recite rote prayers over and over if you don't feel like it. Praying can be just like talking to someone, except the "someone" is God. If you really "need" the help, He will give it.

Merry Christmas and have a happy and safe holiday season.
Rev. Jim Sutter


Web site:

And here are more of his lies written in 1995. I wonder if the Navy knew he was in a wheelchair.


Hi. My name is Rev. Jim Sutter. I am an ordained Catholic minister, serving as chaplain at a local hospital, also as chaplain to a terminal care support group and a national advocacy organization.

For the past several years, I have worked aggresively to encourage compliance with civil rights laws that require equal rights for persons with disabilities (PWD) . My hometown of Lakewood, Ohio has been the biggest offender in Northern Ohio, since the city administration here is strongly anti-ADA. The city administration has even gone so far as to take down handicapped parking signs and paint over pavement markings.

I myself am a PWD, fighting congestive heart failure, SVT episodes, chronic hypoxemia, diabetes, hearing impairment, unstable asthma, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, an incomplete SCI at T-12, and neuromuscular disabilities.

Despite all this, I strap on my wheelchair and portable respirator each day and go about my ministry work. I visit hospital patients, nursing homes and a local prison, to bring compassion, understanding and hope to those who suffer. ... The latest developments in my fight to get my hometown to comply with federal accessibility laws, during the weeks of late Sept/early October, 1995, see the local police telling me they have been "ordered" to find something or make up something to force me to stop my advocacy, even if it involves placing me in jail.

In reaction to these latest threats, a large group of advocates, attorneys, politicians, professionals and disabled persons has come riding to the rescue ! An aggressive campaign of letter writing, petitions, media and congressional contacts is in full swing, and these wonderful people, who are doing almost all this work over the Internet, are working hard to relieve some of the load on me. This may be an historic event, when many different people and groups work together on the internet to achieve a common goal.

My doctors tell me that I will most probably die soon, because my heart has been damaged too far to repair. I pray every day that I can leave some small mark on mankind, even if it's just getting my hometown to obey the law and become accessible.

More to follow... ...

Now here he is admitting he is in fact a ULC minister ands that the Catholic Church is not happy about that.

From: (RevJimS)
Subject: Need Assistance from ULC Members
Date: 1996/08/1
Message-ID: <4v612f$>#1/1
newsgroups: alt.religion.universal-life

Has anyone ordained by ULC had trouble with their former religious group?

I am Roman Catholic, and had continued to attend mass after ULC
ordination, but now the Cleveland RC Diocese has sent me a written warning that if I continue as a ULC minister I will be excommunicated! This could invalidate my marriage, keep me from receiving sacraments, being buried in a Catholic cemetary, etc.

Has anyone else had this problem ? Does anyone have any advise on this matter ? Thanks in advance.

Rev. Jim Sutter D.D. D.B.
Cleveland, Ohio
Rev. James M. Sutter,
D.D. D.B.
Universal Life Church
Cleveland, Ohio USA

6:22 PM  
Blogger JeanetteVictoria said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:40 AM  

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