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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

HR 1640: Anti-dhimmitude From Congress

Now, for some news which is bound to rile up CAIR.

Excerpt from the March 27, 2007 Washington Times:

House Republicans tonight surprised Democrats with a procedural vote to protect public-transportation passengers from being sued if they report suspicious activity -- the first step by lawmakers to protect "John Doe" airline travelers already targeted in such a lawsuit.

After a heated debate and calls for order, the motion to recommit the Democrats' Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007 back to committee with instructions to add the protective language passed on a vote of 304-121.

Check out the roll-call vote and other updates at The Jawa Report.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding about the six imams' lawsuit. They are only pursuing claims against passengers who knowing, deliberately lied in order to discriminate against the imams, in violation of federal law. The police investigation confirmed that the (few) passengers who complained of "suspicious activity" were inconsistent, unreliable and "not factual." People should indeed report any suspicious activity, but they need to report facts, not lies. Don't be surprised to see criminal indictments forthcoming against the passengers, employees and crew who lied to the FBI, for violation of Title 18, section 1001 of US Code.

As to Congress pandering to Islamophobes, on the very slim chance they pass it, Congress cannot make a law that is retroactive, and the imams' case will be tried under the law in effect on the day of the offense. Again, on the slim chance that Congress passes this, for future incidents, it can only protect people who act in good faith, if they are found to be deliberately lying, then they have no protection.

You can read about the imams' lawsuit, (reading facts, not fiction) at

12:04 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

This Sunday evening, April 1, Hannity will have air some interviews of those who reported suspicious activity on the US Airways flight. 9:00 P.M., EDT.

Also, Reverend, Nihad Awad said this morning on FNC that CAIR has amended the law suit so as not to target those who report suspicious activities if those reports are are made in good faith.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Captain USpace said...

This is a positive step, hopefully there will be more. The passengers on that flight should counter-sue the Imams for causing them distress with their irrational behavior.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
pretend to be terrorists

scare people on a plane
get thrown off claim racism

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
plan jihad for longest term

out breed the infidels
one day vote in sharia

10:58 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

The passengers on that flight should counter-sue the Imams for causing them distress with their irrational behavior.

That's exactly what should be done!

8:26 PM  
Blogger JeanetteVictoria said...

The “rev” Sutter is a liar. He has claimed to have earned four Purple Hearts, one Bronze Star, and one Navy Cross. yest there nis no record of a James M Sutter ever earning a Navy Cross

He has also claimed to have 26 years in counter terrorism.
Yet he didn't know that Lieutenant Commander is abbreviated as LCDR, not LDCR.

‘Rev Jim’s Profile’ (updated Dec 23, 2006) says he is 51.

Now reads what he wrote about himself sept 1995 bit.listserv.ada-law this doesn’t match this up with his claims of being in the navy for 26 years. Unless of course he was *disabled* while in the Navy.

“Most of you know I am quite ill, with cancer, Stage 4 congestive heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, incomplete SCI at T-12, spinal arthritis, uncoordinated parastalsys, and a brain tumor. I am not expected to make it to the end of this year. At first I said “Yeah, I’m too young and handsome to die”, but now I’m not so sure that I’m so young anymore. :>) It is taking a very long time to bounce back from my last heart attack, in August.”

This page especially funny look at what he claims to be a picture of himself

But one look in Sutter’s AOL image folder we see the real picture of Sutter called “me years ago”

It’s good match with the one on his yahoo profile today. BTW he paid for his ordination from The Universal Life Church but at one time he made the claim that he was a Catholic minister.

Modesto, CA is ULC headquarters and Bishop Kirby Hensley is a ULC bishop

The "Rev" Sutter is a liar and a fraud and is not capable to telling the truth about what he had for lunch

11:40 AM  

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