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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Walid Shoebat at UC Davis

I noticed blogger Atlas Shrugs posted this article in relation to the appearance of well known former terrorist Walid Shoebat, who now speaks out for Israel. Like Joe Kaufman and Daniel Pipes, his work tends to bring out the Islamists in force.

What I found intriguing was the response of those in attendance. Verbal Caricature, the originator of the video, states, "...Everyone burst into applause as they left with their heads down after not yielding the results they had hoped for."

Having witnessed first hand the outrageous conduct of the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine, the subsequent "blow back" in national intellectual and cultural arenas has been tremendous. At this point in time, this has been facilitated by the community exploitation of the new technologies available, from academic's and activists' web sites and blogs, to easy video technologies uploaded to Google Video and linked across the "blogosphere," and with eye witness accounts, mainstream America can finally get an up close look at what is happening in the U.S.. Those speaking out against militant, expansionist Islam now have audiences in the thousands, well above the few in attendance at their regional conferences.

Fueling that are these wonderful examples of a few intrepid and creative individuals, in support of these speakers, utilizing what they have available to them, taking a hard stand to strengthen the spines of many more — and sparks we should certainly encourage into a wider flame.

CAIR has, predictably, staying true to form, asked UC Davis Campus Police to detain him.

"Walid Shoebat is either a self-admitted criminal or complete fraud," said Basim Elkarra, a Palestinian American and area director of CAIR.

Yet as of this writing, Mr. Shoebat is still on the loose, wreaking havoc on the totalitarian Islamists plans. :-)


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Walid Shoebat--my hero! I wish that the news networks would interview him more often.

I had the privilege of hearing him speak in person in April, 2006. He's charismatic. More importantly, he's one powerful speaker!

I have his book on my reading stack.

Thank you for posting this. For once, the shout-'em-down crowd didn't prevail. :)

5:24 PM  
Blogger nanc said...

aow - if you want to see more of walid, you'll have to get skyangel satellite - about the only place he's appreciated is on faith-based programs.

of course, you'll also so many other warriors for the truth that you won't see in the maelstrom media.

ordinary people, just going about their everyday business don't have time for walid or other warriors of truth.

1:43 AM  
Blogger The Reality Show said...

Please see my link:

On a list of real Moderate Muslims, the brave rare!

4:26 AM  
Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

Hi Again,

Shoebat is great. The Peace-Peddler
would gain a valuable insight.

The so-called 'New Direction' has
momentarily conned a restless population, but factual data will eventually overcome.

Our latest post deals with some rather humorous items, plus cartoons. Have a look!

Hooray For Hollywood! reb

12:52 AM  

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