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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

CAIR Event Featuring Iran's Khatami

"A shining sun that illuminates and warms the hearts of all Muslims" - This is how Iran's former President, Mohammad Khatami, has described Hezbollah. Hezbollah is on the U.S. State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

CAIR will be sponsoring a "private reception and dinner" for this terror supporter, on September 8th.And at the same time as CAIR is advertising this tragic event, the group has placed on its website 'Testimonials in Support of CAIR from Elected Government Officials Nationwide.' How can anyone in our government support this group, when it is doing such things as putting on events for terrorist supporters?

See the Boston Globe's 'Bowing to Iran'


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Khatami's (unexpected) visit to UVa.

World According To

John Rudolph

The Augusta Free Press

It was a friend of mine, a University of Virginia alum, who told me his wife had mentioned to him that on that Thursday afternoon Mohammad Khatami, the former president of Iran, was going to be coming to the University of Virginia. I checked the UVa. Web site, conducted a search, even went to UVa.'s things to do/events page, and there was nothing announcing Khatami's visit.

Matter of fact, I couldn't find any advance notice about this scheduled visit. I found this a bit odd. As far as I could tell, the public was not notified. It was almost as if the non-announcement was done deliberately, because I am sure that it would have raised some negative attention here in the Commonwealth.

Come to find out that the guest speaker led an invitation-only event in the Rotunda Dome Room. Why was this event invitation-only? Nothing about this was ever mentioned in the Virginia mainstream media, except what I had heard from my friend.

Khatami actually held no real power during his term. He was, and still remains, a figurehead for the mullahs of Iran. Khatami was nothing but a byproduct of the Iranian theocracy that holds Iran hostage, and stifles freedom and human rights from the Iranian people. In other words, Khatami is a mere front man for Islamic fascism.

Although Khatami may be regarded as being more moderate than Iran's current president, Ahmadinejad, the following facts about him remain:

1. He led a corrupt government, which committed continuous serial murders of political dissidents. That's like the Bush administration killing off the members of

2. It was Ahmadinejad who sent Khatami to the United States for this supposed speaking tour in a charm offensive.

3. While most were led to believe that Khatami supported the voice of the students of Iran, we can never forget the Iranian student riots back in 1999, during a time when he was supposed to favor their ideals. At least two students were killed while others were beaten mercilessly by government police and the majority of the protesters were arrested.

4. Khatami remains a staunch supporter of Hezbollah, the militant terrorist wing that resides in Lebanon - the same political group that helped launch suicide bombers against Israel. Hezbollah is an identified terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

5. Khatami backs Hamas, another criminal terrorist Muslim thug organization identified as a threat by the U.S. State Department. Khatami also provided material support to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad during his presidency, the same group that began a suicide bombing campaign against the people of Israel.

6. During Khatami's time in office, Iran was identified as the number-one state sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. State Department.

7. During the Clinton administration, Khatami's interests in nuclear research became suspect since the country holds the largest oil field in the Middle East. Since Iran is oil-rich, there is no real reason to research the refinement of uranium, unless it is to be used for weapons research and the building of a bomb. The Khatami government played an important role in the development of their nuclear program and backed the research of the refinement of uranium.

While threats from Iran are downplayed by the universities that took in Khatami as their honored guest speaker, certain facts about Khatami were hushed up or never mentioned by college administrators.

The typical argument that supports the idea of hosting Muslim thugs as speakers in our universities is relayed as "it's a good idea" to host "controversial" and "opposing" leaders, which helps "round out" a solid education. I don't buy this malarkey. Simply put, we should not be allowing these criminals in to speak to our easily influenced young minds - and this further draws another question, why is Homeland Security allowing these tyrants in to the United States in the first place?

It's no wonder that Sen. George Allen rejected this misadventure of Khatami's visit, because he was wise to not endorse it. Allen, as a matter of fact, requested that Condoleeza Rice revoke Khatami's visa to the United States. Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts refused to endorse Khatami's visit to his state. Matter of fact, he ordered all state agencies to turn down any support for Khatami, and rightfully so.

Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia did exactly the opposite.

After I learned about this visit, which was kept under apparent secrecy except to those in the know at the University of Virginia, it prompted me to write the following letter to Gov. Kaine, who apparently was in full support of Khatami coming to Virginia:

Dear Governor Kaine,

I have a direct question to ask you.

How much did Khatami's visit to the state and to UVA cost?

As a taxpayer, I have a right to know. We spotted the cavalcade of state troopers and the helicopter overhead as he approached UVA in Charlottesville last Thursday.

That visit alone must have cost the Virginia taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Also, thanks for allowing a criminal Islamist thug into our state. This is the same tyrant that upheld Iran's nuclear program and research of uranium enrichment, and threatened the United States. One of your fellow governors, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, refused steadfastly to allow his state to fork out any security funds for Khatami's visit there.

Why didn't you do the same?

If our car tax gets re-instated in Virginia, I will remember this incident.

Please answer my question, I would like to know how much Khatami's visit cost the Virginia taxpayers. Please, no canned responses. I would like a direct answer.


John Rudolph

Virginia Taxpayer

Kaine's answer, if received, may be published at a later date in a follow-up to this article.

8:05 AM  

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