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Friday, May 04, 2007


The Council for American Islamic Relations has a lot of explaining to do, to me, at least.

I want to know how a "civil rights group" thinks it has any standing or credibility in the United States of America when it states in numerous places on its websites that CAIR's goal is the removal of Israel.

Further, I want to know why our news media do not question CAIR on this point, and on the seething anti-Semitism that lurks behind it. Why, why, why do journalists not ask CAIR, and Muslims generally for that matter, what they feel about Israel, its right to exist, and Jews generally? Are they under orders to leave that question alone? Are they under orders to change our perceptions of the Muslim world by never exposing their dark(est) sides?

One has to wonder.

And Democrats--unfortunately for the Navy, prominently two former ADMIRALS--either cling to CAIR or are quoted by CAIR as akin to their mission.

One of these politicians, Congressman Joe Sestak, (D-PA, 7th), hired CAIR Philadelphia's marketing coordinator and political activist, Ms. Adeeba al-Zaman, and along with Governmor Ed Rendell (D-Pa) was seen moments after a CAIR fundraiser back on April 7th and heard praising CAIR's work in many areas, including racial profiling. Ms. al-Zaman is now a full-time staffer for the Congressman from Pennsylvania's 7th District. She helped bring you Keith Ellison (D-Mn, 5th), you know, the man who wanted to take his "oath of allegiance" on the Quran, the book that swears death to unbelievers, tells you to lie to anyone not of your faith, and tells you to beat your wife if she gets out of line. And don't blame me for saying it, I didn't write it.

Another of these politicians is the equally disgraceful Jimmy Carter, who, while engaged in a deep financial arrangment with Muslim money, has recently written a book highly critical of America's relationship with Israel and of Israel itself, to CAIR's glee.

Here is CAIR's statement in which it state's its goal to remove Israel and allow Palestinians to "return", with an assist from our "ally" King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who will not mention Israel by name, and with further help, from Jimmy Carter, an enemy of Israel:

News ReleasesFriday, March 09, 2007
CAIR Urges U.S. Action on Middle East Peace
CAIR URGES U.S. ACTION ON MIDDLE EAST PEACE(WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/9/07) - A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today used the occasion of King Abdullah II of Jordan's address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress to urge members to play a more proactive role in ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking Congress to immediately conduct hearings on the growing humanitarian crisis among the Palestinians resulting from Israeli policies.In his speech before Congress, King Abdullah stated: "The wellspring of regional division, the source of resentment and frustration far beyond, is the denial of justice and peace in Palestine. …I come here today, as your friend, to tell you that this is the core issue. And this core issue is not only producing severe consequences for our region, it is producing severe consequences for our world."In a statement, CAIR said:"It is vitally important that our elected representatives reformulate a Middle East policy based on the cherished American principles of peace and justice for all people."For too long the plight of the Palestinians has been ignored in the halls of Congress. For too long the discussion has been one-sided. Our lawmakers have spoken out in support of Israeli rights and national security, but appear content to leave the Palestinians with neither rights nor security. To the Muslim world, this is perceived a double standard and remains the number one source of anti-American hostility."A tragedy is unfolding in Palestine with 70 per cent of the population now living below the poverty line. Unemployment is nearly 40 percent and expected to rise to more than 70 percent."The choices that Israel makes have implications for the United States. It is time for America to use its power to influence counterproductive Israeli policies such as building illegal settlements on confiscated Palestinian land and subjecting Palestinians to Apartheid-like existence."Any real and lasting resolution to the Middle East conflict will also have to address Israel's brutal occupation, the Palestinian right of return and the holy status of Jerusalem for Muslims worldwide."We will have a positive impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict only when our policies are more closely aligned with our values of peace, freedom and justice for all people."President Jimmy Carter recently wrote, "Peace will come to Israel and the Middle East only when the Israeli government is willing to comply with international law. . . The United States is squandering. . .goodwill and intensifying global anti-Americanism by unofficially condoning or abetting the Israeli confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories."CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 32 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

CAIR expresses its goal to end Israel's "brutal occupation" in another area:

****In a March 28, 2002 release entitled: “CAIR Condemns Attacks on Civilians,” the organization
condemned a bomb attack on a Passover celebration in Netanya saying, “We condemn this
attack and all other attacks on innocent civilians. Illegitimate and counterproductive tactics
must not be used in the legitimate struggle to end Israel’s brutal occupation.”****


So, CAIR, is a self-proclaimed civil liberties group, whose goal is to remove the "brutal occupation" of "Palestine". Carter, Sestak, Rendell, all Democrats, all are CAIR supporters in their avowed goal to remove the state of Israel.

CAIR is an enemy to all that the United States of America stands for.
Their are implications beyond that.

You draw the conclusions.



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